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A career of service

Pam served over 30 years in the Air Force and Air National Guard, retiring as Lieutenant Colonel. Her last position was Strategic Plans and Policy Joint Director, successfully managing high-level military programs. She managed statewide COVID-19 response efforts across 11 agencies and localities, managed budgets of more than $25.5 million, commanded a 200+-member military squadron, and overhauled inefficient systems to increase productivity and transparency.

Prior to her military service, she earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in physics and taught high school physics and math in Richmond, Chesterfield and Gloucester County public schools for over a decade.

She is a small business owner in Gloucester and serves as an elections officer there.


She and her husband, Chief Master Sgt. Angus Garner, founded a non-profit with four other couples to provide health and financial literacy seminars, scholarships, and school supplies for local students in the Middle Peninsula.


Their daughter Breanna Bowman is a physical therapist.

Pam Garner with husband Angus and daughter Breanna Bowman


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